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Druid Hill Park

900 Druid Park Lake Dr. • Baltimore 21217

Baltimore's first large municipal park, Druid Hill is commonly known for its shady lawns, rolling hills, picturesque water features and majestic forest. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the history of Druid Hill Park began over two centuries ago, when the Susquehannock Indians ceded land that included the park's area in its holdings to Lord Baltimore in 1652. It is believed that Druid Hill would have been a desirable place for Native Americans because of its access to the Jones Falls Stream, as well as the multiple springs at the site. 

Formerly the estate of George Buchanan, one of the seven commissioners responsible for the establishment of Baltimore City, his estate named “Auchentorlie” included 579 of the 745 acres that comprise Druid Hill Park today.

Purchased in 1860, the park was developed as part of a nationwide movement to provide large parks for urban dwellers (Central Park began development in 1858). This movement followed in the tradition of European parks developed in the picturesque garden style.

Druid Hill Park was primarily used for strolling, driving, riding and ballgames. Its numerous water features included natural springs, streams and lakes that also functioned as drinking water reservoirs for the citizens of Baltimore. Druid Hill Lake began construction in 1863 and remains the largest earthen dammed lake in the country. 

Other sites in Druid Hill include the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory, opened in 1888 and the country's second-oldest Victorian glass conservatory, and the Maryland Zoo, which was established in 1876 as a result of people donating various animals to the park.

Druid Hill Park is located in northern Baltimore and is bounded by the Jones Falls Expressway (1-83) to the east, Swann Drive and Reisterstown Road to the west, Druid Park, Lake Drive to the south and Druid Park Drive to the north.


• Playgrounds (2)
• Basketball courts (4)
• Tennis courts (17)
• Ballfields (5)
• Athletic fields (2)
• Druid Hill Park Disc Golf Course
• Volleyball court
• Druid Hill Park Pool
• Greenhouses (5)
• Picnic pavilion (11)
• Restrooms (5)
• Fieldhouse
• Picnic groves (5)
• Howard Peter Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens
• Zen Garden
• Jones Fall Trail
• Lakeside Loop Trail, around Druid Reservoir
• City Farms Garden site
• Safety City

In Proximity to. . .

• Baltimore City Recreation and Parks headquarters
• The Maryland Zoo
• Parks Bureau Administration building
• Woodberry light rail station
• Jones Falls Trail
• Mondawmin Metro station
• Woodberry Park
Roosevelt Park
• Greenspring Avenue Park

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