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BCRP Recreation Centers

BCRP manages 40 recreation centers and eight after-school centers throughout Baltimore for your enjoyment and leisure activities. Each center offers a wide array of programs for children and adults. Some of the programs include relay games, movie days, cooking classes, talent shows, theatre productions, arts and crafts, and gym activities. Gym activities include (but are not limited to): basketball, volleyball, soccer and weight training. Be sure to contact any of your area recreation centers for more details.

Beginning in 2012, select recreation centers became part of the Baltimore City Public School System. Those centers continue to provide rec center services and after-school programming. They are Barclay, Leith Walk, Liberty, South Baltimore and Walter P. Carter. Visit the BCPSS Community School Programming page for details about each center.

Other former City rec centers are now managed by private operators. Those centers are Brooklyn O'Malley, Collington Square, Furley, Towanda, O'Donnell Heights and Ralph J. Young. Visit the Private Operator Centers page for details on programs, hours and activities at those centers.  Sign up to receive updates on Recreation Centers in your area.

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