Sports, Youth & Adult

Wanna play?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a child ready for your first taste of organized football or tennis, or if you’re an adult eager to experience a coed Wiffleball league. BCRP Youth and Adult Sports provides a wide array of athletic choices for all age groups. Does boxing, indoor soccer or skateboarding sound like fun? Maybe track and field, football, or basketball are more your speed. In BCRP Youth and Adult Sports, you will find a program suited to your needs. We promote the whole individual, good sportsmanship and an environment that is both fun and competitive.

BCRP'S Code of Conduct

The mission of Baltimore City Recreation and Parks is to provide a safe and fun learning environment for Baltimore’s youth. Our goal is to create an opportunity for children to work together as a team and develop their talent. We emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for authority figures (directors, coaches, game officials and opponents).