BALT—Business, Art, Leisure, and Teamwork


BCRP Continues BALT Weekends at the Rec

Our BALT program (business, art, leisure, teamwork) provides teens and young adults with a safe space to work and opportunities to play and learn within our Recreation Centers. Our BALT centers (listed below) will stay open until 11PM on Fridays and operate 10AM-11PM on Saturdays. 

Starting, September 7, 2019, all BCRP Recreation Centers will open on Saturdays from 10AM-6PM but BALT centers will maintain their 10AM-11PM Saturday hours. 

If you are interested in volunteering your time as a speaker/presenter, please send an email to [email protected] with "BALT Volunteering" in the subject line.

For pictures, click here to view the BALT Facebook album.

Greenmount ​Recreation Center
2304 Greenmount Avenue, 21218 

Center Director, Terri Fulp
[email protected]

Area Manager, Mark Bonitatibus
[email protected]

Crispus Attucks Recreation Center
1600 Madison Avenue, 21217


James McHenry Recreation Center
911 Hollins Street, 21223

Center Director, Member on Staff

Area Manager, Mark Bonitatibus
[email protected]

Rita R. Church Recreation Center 
2101 St. Lo Drive, 21213

Center Director, Laura Brown
[email protected]

Area Manager, Mark Bonitatibus
[email protected]

Robert C. Marshall Recreation Center
1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, 21201

Center Director, Lemuel Thomas
[email protected]

Area Manager, Felecia Doucett
[email protected]

Lillian Jones Recreation Center
1310 N. Stricker St. 21217

Center Director, Brandi Murphy
[email protected]

Area Manager, Dot Mann
D[email protected]

C.C. Jackson Recreation Center
4910 Park Heights, 21205

Center Director, Brenda Williams
[email protected]

Area Manager, Sharon Bucknor
[email protected]

Samuel F. B. Morse
424 S. Pulaski Street, 21223

Center Director, Christopher Toney
[email protected] 

Area Manager, Dorothy "Dot" Mann
[email protected]


With BALT, teens and young adults will experience a variety of activities involving entrepreneurship, mentorship, health & sports, furhering education, and creative workshops amongst their peers. Free WiFi and snacks are provided. 

* Youth under the age of 13 are strongly advised to leave the centers at 9pm due to curfews.