Charm City Games

Charm City Games - Soccer Basketball Track Baseball

Baltimore's own Olympic-style sports tournament!

Join us for a week of action-packed competition featuring soccer, basketball, track and field, and baseball tournaments across the city.

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Little League baseball players

8 Teams
Venue: Keyes Field
Age Groups: 12U & 14U


People playing basketball

6 Teams per age group
Venues: Cahill, CC Jackson, Edgewood, Middle Branch, Morrell Park, and Rita Church
Age Groups : 12U (Boys), 14U (Girls), & 14U (Boys)


People playing soccer

6 Teams per Gender
Venue: Utz Field (Patterson Park)
Age Groups: 13U

Track & Field

Woman jumping over barriers in track and field event

14 Events
Venue: TBD
Age Groups: 12U & 14U