Code Red Heat Alert & Rules

On days and periods of extreme heat, the Baltimore City health commissioner may declare a Code Red Heat Alert for the safety of residents. The decision to activate a Code Red Heat Alert will be made before 6 a.m. of that day, if possible.

When a Code Red Heat Alert is in effect, normal swim sessions (adult, family, and lap swim sessions) will be suspended and pools will operate on two-hour open sessions with a 30-minute intermission.


Park Pools are officially closed on September 3, 2019 

PARK POOLS will operate four (4) swim sessions:


  • 12:15PM - 2PM
  • 2:30PM - 4:30PM
  • 5PM - 7PM
  • 7:30PM - 9PM or dusk


  • 1PM-3:15PM
  • 3:45PM-6PM
  • 6:30PM-8PM or dusk


  • Druid Hill & Patterson Park - 300 swimmers per session
  • Clifton, Riverside & Cherry Hill - 200 swimmers per session
  • Roosevelt - 150 swimmers per session

Neighborhood Pools season ends August 18, 2019
Ambrose Kennedy, William McAbee and John D Murdock will extend their days and close on September 3, 2019. 

NEIGHBORHOOD/WALK-TO POOLS will operate three (3) swim sessions:


  • 12PM - 2PM
  • 2:30 PM - 4:30PM
  • 5PM - 7PM


  • 12PM-2PM
  • 2:30PM-4:30PM

* Only William McAbee is open on Sundays

Capacity: 85 swimmers per session

All swimmers must exit the facility at the end of each two-hour swim session. At the end of intermission, swimmers must pay (or repay) the admission fee to enter the pool. This rotating schedule provides all swimmers an opportunity to enter the pools on days when attendance is high.

Admission to Baltimore City park pools is $2 per two-hour Park pools session and free per two-hour session for neighborhood pools.

For more information, call the Aquatics Division at 410-396-3838.

Individuals unsure of whether a Code Red Heat Alert is in effect can call 311 for details. 311 operators will provide cooling center locations, safety tips and information about warning signs for heat-related morbidity. Individuals can also call 311 to report specific concerns about vulnerable neighbors on Code Red Heat Alert days. Call 911 if you are having a heat-related emergency.

Please visit for more information and useful tips for Code Red Heat Alert days.

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