Community Engagement



Because We’re Better Together!

The Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships team operates with the following goals in mind:

  • Improving the communication between BCRP and the Baltimore City community;
  • Expanding outreach efforts and participation of BCRP in the community; 
  • Assisting community members with resolving BCRP-related issues.


community engagement

Volunteer with BCRP

Help BCRP build stronger communities through conservation, health and wellness, and equity by volunteering! You can volunteer yourself through one of BCRP’s many programs and Rec Centers or organize a group to help clean up a park or trail. For more information on volunteering visit the BCRP volunteer webpage or contact Earl Johnson.

Start a Friends of Parks Group 

Are you and your neighbors interested in collaborating with BCRP to steward and activate the park in your community? If so, become an official BCRP Friends of Parks Group! The Community Engagement Team is here to support you and your community in establishing a Friends Group by providing resources, grant opportunities, and workshops, and including you in a network of other  Friends Groups committed to maintaining clean, inviting, sustainable, and activated parks. For more information read through our Friends Group Manual

BCRP also supports Friends Groups through our Park and Play Grant Opportunity. Park and Play grants are intended to fund programs and experiences designed to promote athleticism, outdoor play, community engagement, and space activation in city parks. Grant awards are $500 to $5,000 and are exclusively available to Friends of Park Groups. For more information visit the Park and Play info page or contact Felicia Jones.

Stay Up-to-Date on Events and Other BCRP Updates

  1. Stay up to date on what’s going on in your community and throughout Baltimore City by regularly checking out the Upcoming Events Calendar!
  2. Sign up to receive updates from BCRP on programming, events, volunteer opportunities, and more!

Report Issues and Request Improvements 

  1. Does your park or recreation center require maintenance? If so, visit Baltimore City 311 and complete a detailed service request to ensure that BCRP addresses this issue as soon as possible. If you would like assistance with this process or have questions, contact your Community Engagement Liaison. 
  2. Would your community like a major renovation or installation in a park or recreation center? Make a Capital Improvement Request (CIP) by completing this form and emailing it to
  3. Does your community want to pursue external grant funding to help fund park or recreation improvements? Complete the Intent to Apply Form prior to applying for any external grant and send it to Felicia Jones. This will ensure that any external funding received by a community group with the intention of improving BCRP assets aligns with BCRP's mission, values, and priorities. 

Strategic Partnerships 

Strategic Partnerships are collaborations between Baltimore City Recreation & Parks, private entities (for-profit or non-profit), and/or other government agencies where the collective beneficial outcome is in providing improved community facilities and related services and programs. Such partnerships are characterized by the symbiotic sharing of investment, risk, responsibility, and reward among partners.

Key to these partnerships is the alignment and congruence of a common mission, vision, and set of values, drawing on the strength of both the public and private sectors. These shared elements would then translate into the purpose and expected outcome of the partnership. All partnerships will have the expectation to provide affordable and accessible recreational, leisure, and outdoor experiences - that is activities and programs - to the entire community in an equitable fashion.

For more information on partnering with BCRP please contact Tim Almaguer. 

 Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding City parks, Rec Centers, BCRP programming, volunteerism, or partnerships please contact a member of the Community Engagement Team below:

Tim Almaguer- Chief of Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships


Cell: 410.446.6120

Carlos Camacho- Community Engagement Manager/Liaison for Council District 1, 2, 12, 13


Cell: 410.746.5431

Leah Bass- Community Engagement Liaison for Council Districts 4,5,6


Cell: 410-207-4194

Earl Johnson- Community Engagement Liaison for Council Districts 3,11 &14 /Volunteer Manager


Cell: 410.218.6350

Tony Savage- Community Engagement Liaison for Council Districts 7,8,9,10


Cell: 443.401.3902

Felicia Jones- Grant Development Specialist


Office: 443.984.9532