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Baltimore City Recreation & Parks (BCRP) is working on an Action Plan for equitable investments in public parks, rec facilities, and programs. DONT SPECTATE, PARTICIPATE!

As part of its 10-year Action Plan, the agency has launched the BCRP Playbook which includes a citywide survey to capture vital input from the community to prioritize future investments in neighborhood parks and recreation facilities. The survey builds upon a 2023 conditions assessment of Baltimore City’s parks and recreation facilities. 

The BCRP Playbook highlights Baltimore’s beloved recreation and parks system with a 14-month planning process dating to January 2023. The goal is to develop and execute a detailed game plan for the agency that advances the City’s commitment to equitable service delivery and a transparent, data-driven capital improvement process. The BCRP Playbook is being developed in collaboration with a Community Advisory Committee and includes three key components: 

• A data-driven Capital Investment Strategy to guide where the agency focuses dollars to redesign and improve recreation centers, parks, natural areas, and special facilities

• An Operations Plan to support day-to-day efforts to maintain our city’s parks and play spaces and offer a full range of recreation programming to Baltimore citizens, and

• A Funding Strategy to ensure that BCRP’s capital investments and operations can be sustained and maintained over time, serving generations to come. 

BCRP encourages every Baltimorean to “Get in the game!” and be heard:

• Take the survey here.

• Attend BCRP Public Meeting: Monday, December 11, 6-8PM at Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center – Click here to RSVP.

• Review BCRP Playbook draft recommendations 

“Baltimore, don’t miss your chance to score $100! Get in the game by completing the BCRP Playbook Survey! We welcome your feedback so we can install a game plan that prioritizes equitable investments in our public parks, recreation facilities, and programming. You can't win if you stay on the sideline, so don't spectate, participate!

Reginald Moore,
Executive Director, Baltimore City Recreation & Parks

Director Moore