Request for Proposals

Submission Due Date: Friday, December 1, 2023 at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Concession Stand Operation

Please submit one (1) unbound proposal suitable for photocopying, AND an equivalent quantity of information via a PDF file: SUBMISSION LOCATION:

Eureka Yorkman, Attn: Concession Stand RFP
Purchasing Supervisor
Baltimore City Recreation & Parks
3001 East Drive, Baltimore MD 21217

Email Proposals can be submitted to eureka.yorkman@baltimorecity.govAll proposals delivered after the due date and time will not be considered. Firms will be notified of the decision by December 8, 2023. Questions related to this request should be directed via email to


Baltimore City Recreation & Parks (BCRP) invites you to submit a proposal to operate concession stands within our recreational and parks facilities. We are seeking a reliable and experienced vendor to provide high-quality food and beverage services to enhance the recreational experience of our visitors.

I. Background and Overview

BCRP is responsible for maintaining and operating various recreational and park facilities within Baltimore. These facilities attract diverse visitors, including families, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts. To better serve our community, we are looking for a concession stand operator to provide food and beverage options at our locations.

II. Scope of Services

The selected vendor will be responsible for the following:

  1. Operating the concession stand at Druid Hill Park Pool during operating hours.
  2. Offering a diverse menu of quality food and beverage items that cater to visitors' preferences.
  3. Ensuring all products meet health and safety regulations and are prepared and served under sanitary conditions.
  4. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the concession stand areas.
  5. Managing inventory, restock, and ensure availability of popular items.
  6. Implementing pricing strategies that are competitive and fair.
  7. Providing excellent customer service to visitors.
  8. Complying with all applicable permits, licenses, and regulations.
  9. Reporting sales and financial data monthly to BCRP.

III. Proposal Submission Requirements

  1. Cover Letter: A brief introduction and summary of your experience and qualifications.
  2. Company Profile: Details about your company, including its history, size, and relevant experience in concession stand operations.
  3. Proposed Menu: A menu of food and beverage items you intend to offer, including pricing.
  4. Operational Plan: A detailed plan for how you will manage and operate the concession stands, including staff hiring and training.
  5. Financial Proposal: Pricing structure and any additional fees.
  6. References: Contact information for at least three references from similar contracts.

IV. Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Experience and Qualifications
  • Proposed Menu and Quality of Offerings
  • Operational Plan and Staffing
  • Pricing and Financial Proposal
  • References

BCRP looks forward to receiving your proposal and potentially working together to enhance the recreational experience for our community members. Thank you for considering this opportunity.