City Farms

Harold McCray

City Farms Coordinator

4915 Greenspring Ave.

Baltimore, Md. 21209 

(410) 396-4850 

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Baltimore City Farms is a Recreation and Parks program offering garden plots for rent to City residents. Here they grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers in the beauty and safety of the following parks: CarrollCliftonDeweesDruid HillCimaglia (formerly Fort Holabird), LeakinPattersonRock RoseRooseveltLight Street at Heath StreetHeath Street at Charles Street, and Upton.

The program is open to anyone wishing to garden, regardless of experience level. Novice “farmers” are mentored by on-site garden managers and experienced gardeners eager to share their knowledge. Additional support is provided in the form of hands on gardening seminars, training manuals and bulletins, guiding the urban farmers through a multitude of seasonal challenges. 

Rental Information

Each gardener pays a one-time nonrefundable application fee of $10, signs a City Farms contract, and pays a nominal rental fee, depending upon the location and size of the individual garden bed standard 10’ x 15’ garden beds, or a smaller raised bed of 9’ x 6’
(sample rental agreement).

Included Amenities

City Farms gardens are fenced and locked, and participants gain access from dawn to dusk with a key. The gardens also have City water April through October, hoses and wheelbarrows. Wood chips and manures are also provided during the growing season.

Social Activities

Each garden plans community workdays, where they combine their efforts to tidy the garden common areas. These events are often followed by a cookout or pot luck lunch at a few of the gardens.