Park Use Permits will be issued on a first-come/first-served basis, so please submit your applications as early as possible. All information requested on the application must be completely answered and accompanied by the application fee to be considered for processing.  For events open to the general public, an event flyer and site plan must be included with the application.

We do not accept faxed applications.
Baltimore City Recreation and Parks reserves the right to refuse to issue any permit for an unauthorized use and may revoke an issued permit at any time for an unauthorized use or violation of park regulations, City laws or ordinances.

No vending or fees for admission are permitted unless the sponsor of the event is a non-profit organization or affiliated with a non-profit organization.
Other permits may be required according to the type of event and/or set-up. Parks Permit Office staff can assist you in determining what other types of permits you may need.


Please notify the Permits Office if you plan to cancel your event by e-mail at [email protected] or by mail, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, c/o Permits Office, 3001 East Drive, Baltimore, MD 21217.

Application fees are not refundable. You may request a partial refund of the Event Impact Fees. This request should be made in writing to: Permits Office, 3001 East Drive, Baltimore, Md. 21217 or via e-mail to [email protected]. For your partial refund request to be reviewed, it must be received within the following timelines:

  • Special Events—30 days prior to planned event date;
  • Inner Harbor Events—30 days prior to planned event date;
  • General Park Use—2 weeks prior to planned event date.

Please click here to view park rules.