Virtual Rec: Outdoor Activities

Virtual Rec

Virtual Rec

Did you know that social distancing guidelines allow all of us to safely engage in outdoor activities throughout Baltimore City?  Please ensure when enjoying the outdoors you follow local, state and federal recommendations to stay at least 6 feet apart from others at all times and in groups of less than 10. Learn more about social distancing guidelines at your local park and trail here!

Virtual Rec

  • Visit a local park - Our parks are still open to the public. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @recnparks. 
  • Ride, run or walk our city’s trail network
  • Grab your family and play soccer, frisbee or another sport in one of our large athletic fields. Do not gather in groups ten or more or with those outside your immediate family.
  • Enjoy the springtime bloom. Walk your dog, take a quick jog around your neighborhood and say hi (from a distance) to your neighbors who are outside too.
  • Discover native plants in the gardens and visit the live birds of prey in the outdoor Aviary at Carrie Murray Nature Center
  • Stop by Cylburn Arboterum’s lawn to see the flowers and plants in bloom. (Cylburn Mansion and the Vollmer Center are not currently open to the public.)
  • Watch the sunset at Middle Branch Park and see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom.
  • Bird Watch in your neighborhood, at your local park or from your window.
  • Trees are in bloom and leafing out, learn more about the trees outside your window through TreeBaltimore’s Tree Inventory Map.

Virtual RecExploration:

  • iNaturalist / Seek - An iNaturalist app for kids. Take pictures of species and receive badges.
    • ​See what plants and animals people are discovering in Baltimore.
  • Agents of Discovery - Augmented reality app for kids. Go on a mission outdoors and receive badges and rewards - There’s a Leakin Park mission you can explore and play!
  • AllTrails - An app full of digital trail maps. 
  • Leps - An app that lets you identify moths and butterflies by taking a picture of them.
  • Creek Critters - An app that lets you document aquatic critters and water quality.
  • Stream Selfie - Take a selfie with a stream, fill out some information on the website, attach the photo and submit!


  • Merlin Bird ID - Digital bird guide that includes pictures and songs.
  • Celebrate Urban Birds - Pick an area where you can do a 10-minute bird survey each day for 3 days in a row, focusing on 16 target bird species. You can then submit your data to the website and it may be used in scientific research.
  • ​NestWatch - Monitor birds nest twice a week and share your results.


  • ​Plant Snap  - Identify plants by taking a picture of them.
  • ​Leaf Snap - Identify plants by taking a picture of their leaves.

Find more digital nature education tools at Carrie Murray Nature Center’s (CMNC) resource page! Or go low-tech with this treasure hunt print out from CMNC staff!


Discover Nature Science Series

BCRP has partnered with Maryland Public Television (MPT) to bring nature education home. Our Discover Nature Science Series combines your child’s favorite PBS Kids shows with interactive and fun activities to help them learn about our natural world. From bugs to birds this FREE resource brings education to life!

nature exploration

For more nature programming check out the great resources from our Carrie Murray Nature Center.


Looking to grow flowers or vegetables this summer? Follow these tips from the National Garden Burea for planning and maintaining your garden. Visit their website for more information here or click on one of the following articles below. 


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