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A lack of activity has serious implications on children’s health, including increased risk of obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes. Family time can play an important role in helping children get 60 minutes of recommended physical activity daily The trick is to find ways to keep them active without making it feel like actual exercise.      

  • Dancing: No one can pass up a good dance session! Dancing strengthens muscles, increases endurance, supports weight management and more. Just play some good music and let them at it. 
  • Yoga: While not as rigorous as the other activities, yoga is a fun activity that strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and improves balance and coordination. As a bonus, it also boosts body confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Hula Hooping: An old-time favorite, hula hooping is an exciting yet challenging way to get children moving. As they focus on spinning the hula hoop around their hips, they’re also strengthening their core, improving their coordination and increasing their flexibility and endurance.
  • Animal Walks: This exercise can be easily disguised as a fun game for your child. In an open space, call out an animal - like a duck, crab or bunny - and challenge them to walk or hop like that animal until they reach the finish line. Check out the website listed for the video for examples of 10 different Animal Walk Exercise.
  • Cha Cha Slide Fitness Challenge: challenge family members to see who lasts the longest doing this line dance in a plank position. Go to Cha Cha Slide Plank Challenge Youtube and check out the video. Are you up to the challenge?  
  • Play: Don’t forget about the simple act of playing. Get outdoors for fresh air, a walk of just kicking a ball. Physical activity helps to strengthen bones and muscles, control weight and improve motor skills. Children will see exercise as a natural part of their lives that provides lasting benefits. 

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