Benefits of Recreation and Parks

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Recreation and Parks agencies are leaders in improving the overall health and wellness throughout the nation and play a major role in enhancing the physical, social, behavioral, environmental and mental health of our communities for all abilities, ages, socio‐economic backgrounds, and ethnicities. They are essential partners in combating some of the most complicated challenges our country faces such as poor nutrition, hunger, obesity and physical inactivity.

Baltimore City Recreation and Parks continues to educate the citizens of Baltimore on the physical, social and mental benefits of leisure play, exercise and fitness.

We offer a variety of programs, facilities and services for low to no cost. From wellness and personal enrichment programs, over 250 parks, and an expansive trail system, the Department of Recreation and Parks offers benefits of all kinds to our residents!

Our Mission: To improve the health and wellness of Baltimore through quality recreational programs, preserving our parks and natural resources, and promoting fun, active lifestyles for all ages

Our Vision: To build a stronger Baltimore one community at a time through Conservation, Health and Wellness, Social Equity.

  • Conservation- Parks are critical to the preservation of natural resources that have real economic benefits for communities. The Department serves as a strong voice in communities, as we advocate for protecting open space, connecting children to nature, improving our tree canopy, and providing education and programming that helps communities engage in conservation practices.
  • Health and Wellness- Recreation and Parks lead the nation in improving the overall health and wellness of communities. We are essential partners in combating some of the most complicated and expensive challenges our country faces - poor nutrition, hunger, obesity, and physical inactivity.
  • Social Equity- Universal access to public parks and recreation is a right, not just a privilege.  All people regardless of race, ethnicity, age, income level or physical ability should have access to programs, facilities, places and spaces that make their lives and communities great. Parks and recreation truly build communities for all.

Other Benefits of Recreation and Parks Programs and Services:Kids gardening in Baltimore City

  • Helps reduce obesity and incidence of chronic disease by providing opportunities to increase rigorous physical activity in a variety of forms;
  • Provides a connection to nature which studies demonstrate relieves stress levels, tightens interpersonal relationships, and improves mental health;
  • Aids in reducing hunger in America and increasing access to nutritious food options; and
  • Fosters overall wellness and healthful habits and engaging in enrichment opportunities that add balance to life.
  • Parks and Recreation facilities are powerful engines of economic activity! Contributing to higher real estate values, tourism, and economic development, local parks and recreation agencies generate over 150 billion dollars in economic activity nationally.

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Join Recreation and Parks to engage in the many physical, fitness and fun activities we have to offer to get you up and moving. Explore our ongoing programming here. Get Moving! What are your waiting for?

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