Granite Pipeline Project

Granite Pipeline Project Map


Baltimore Gas and Electric approached Baltimore City on a need to replace portions of the 13.5 miles underground, natural gas, Granite Pipeline. The original gas pipeline, installed in 1948, was patched and repaired in the past but has now been relocated outside the Dead Run floodplain.  This 2018 reconstruction extends through 2.2 miles of the 1,200-acre Gwynns Falls Leakin Park. The original pipeline remains in place but was officially capped and decommissioned, with trees planted atop the right-of-way. 

Project Timeline 

  • Late Summer 2019: Pipeline construction complete and operational. Old-line abandoned.
  • Fall 2019: Tree mitigation plantings complete (atop abandoned and new pipeline)
  • Seasonal 2020/2021: Tree care maintenance of new trees (along abandoned and new pipelines) & Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM)
  • Summer 2020: Granite Pipeline Pollinator Meadow site preparation (scattered across 3 acres atop the new pipeline)
  • Late Fall 2020: ​Pollinator Meadow seeding
  • Future: Granite Pipeline extension towards Middle Branch

Project Details

A segment of the Granite Pipeline re-location project began in 2018 in Gwyanns Falls Leakin Park and was completed in August 2019. A 50-foot wide right-of-way will remain free and clear of woody vegetation atop the new pipeline, so long as the 25-year franchise agreement remains in place—though pipeline segments installed deep underground via drilling operations, may be approved for woody plantings to shrink the clearing down to 20-feet.

Approximately 870 trees were planted along the perimeter of the new line in wider areas and to infill the right of the way atop the old pipeline. Newly planted trees will be maintained by BGE until November 30, 2021. 

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) is the technique used to treat non-native invasive plants that result from a response to construction disturbance. BGE is conducting IVM, up to 50 feet outside the right-of-way (ROW), until June 19, 2024. After 2024, BGE will conduct IVM within the ROW during the entirety of the Franchise Agreement.

Future recreational and infrastructure repairs that received funding from the project include repaving tennis courts in Leakin Park and reconstruction of the Stokes Drive baseball field.

Granite Pipeline Project Communications 

To stay in the loop about the project and what efforts BCRP is undergoing to facilitate conservation, please reference the following contact information. Thank you!