Pool Rules

We are excited to welcome you back to our pools! The 2022 Pool Season for Park and Neighborhood Pools will adhere to the following schedule: 

  • *Park Pools will open on weekends only at the start of the season from May 28 through June 15. Starting June 16, Park Pools will open seven days a week through September 5.
  • Neighborhood Pools will operate Monday through Saturday, June 16 - August 21.

This year, pools will have FREE admission, revised hours, locations,  and an online reservation process. Take a moment to review the 2022 swim season updates. 

Earlybird Swim at Patterson and Country Club at Druid Hill will resume this season. Payment must take place via Civic Rec.

*Our FREE annual summer pool season kick-off event, Big Splash, will take place June 11 at the brand new Druid Hill Park Pool

*The Cherry Hill Splash Park will reopen mid-Summer 2022 with the brand new Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center. Residents may utilize the Riverside Park Pool and the Middle Branch Aquatic Center in the interim.


This summer, registration online or by phone is encouraged. Please note, that reserving multiple spaces needlessly will not be tolerated and may result in a loss of reservation privileges. 

Outdoor Pool Registration Now Open!

Reservation Tips:

  • Admission is FREE for all outdoor pools and all entry fees are waived for this season
  • Follow our step-by-step guide for online reservations: English/Spanish
  • For Phone Reservations, (410)-396-7900, Monday-Friday 10AM-3PM
  • Spaces are limited, please reserve at least five days in advance
  • Each guest can reserve a maximum of 4 spaces
  • Each pool session is 90 minutes with 30 minutes breaks in between for pool clean up

Registration opens on a rolling basis.

  • Weekend swim sessions through June 12 will open on May 23
  • June’s swim sessions (Mon-Sun) will be open on June 10
  • July’s swim sessions (Mon-Sun) will open on June 30
  • August swim sessions (Mon-Sun) will open on July 30
  • September’s swim sessions (Mon-Sun) will open on August 26


Park Pool Locations:

Clifton Park

2013 Sinclair Lane – 21213


Patterson Park

148 S. Linwood Ave. – 21224


Riverside Park

1800 Covington Ave. – 21230


Druid Park Pool       

800 Wyman Park Drive 


Cherry Hill Splash Park

101 Reedbird Avenue


Roosevelt Park Pool

3500 Poole Street



Neighborhood Pool Locations:

C.C. Jackson 

4910 Park Heights Ave. – 21215



3901 Maine Ave. –21207


O’Donnell Heights

1200 Gusryan St. – 21224



1400 East Lanvale St. -  21213


William McAbee

1323 N. Gilmore St. - 21217


Farring Baybrook

4501 Farring Ct - 21225


ABC Park Splash Pad

501 S. Catherine St - 21223


Ambrose Kennedy Splash Pad

1000 Ensor St. - 21202



Indoor Pool Locations:

Indoor Pools will operate for programming only from June 11 through September 5. Indoor Pool registration is now open!


4001 Clifton Ave. - 21216

Middle Branch/Cherry Hill

2600 Giles Rd. - 21225


2821 Oakley Ave. - 21215

Chick Webb

623 Eden St. - 21205



Starting May 28, Clifton, Patterson, Riverside and Roosevelt Park Park Pools will open and operate on a Saturday-Sunday/weekend schedule. Druid Hill Park Pool (June 11) and Cherry Hill Splash Park (TBD)  remain under construction and will reopen in summer 2022.

Clifton, Patterson, Riverside and Roosevelt Park Pools will open on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30

Beginning June 16,  Park Pools will move to a seven-day schedule, Monday-Sunday through the end of the season (August 21/neighborhood pools and September 5/park pools). Neighborhood Pools will open on a six-day schedule, Monday-Saturday through the end of the season. Hours are listed below.

Monday-Friday (30 min clean up between each session)

  • 1PM-2:30PM
  • 3PM-4:30PM
  • 5PM-6:30PM

Saturday-Sunday* (30 min clean up between each session)

  • 11AM-12:30PM
  • 1PM-2:30PM
  • 3PM-4:30PM
  • 5PM-6:30PM

*Neighborhood pools are closed Sunday

code red days

BCRP collaborates with and supports the Code Red response overseen by the Baltimore City Health Department. Pools will continue to serve residents on Code Red days but will not provide extended hours.

This summer nine recreation centers will operate as cooling sites. Sites have limited capacity.

Recreation Center


Phone number

Herring Run

5001 Sinclair Ln. 21206


James D Gross

4600 Lanier Ave., 21215



1401 Fillmore St., 21218


Virginia S Baker

2601 E Baltimore St., 21224


Morrell Park

2651 Tolley St., 21230



222 N. Bentalou St., 21223


CC Jackson

4910 Park Heights Ave., 21205


Mary E Rodman

623 North Eden St., 21205