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BCRP capital improvements are long-term investments in parks, public buildings, pools, trails, and more! 


The division of Capital Development & Planning is comprised of landscape architects, architects, planners, construction administrators, contract administrators, and fiscal services.


We are tasked with the planning, design, and implementation of the Capital Improvement Program, system-wide.  Our team manages each phase of a project from conception to completion.  We engage directly with community members, stakeholders, agency partners, and elected officials to develop transformative improvements to our park and facility inventory.  Our division manages complex funding sources, building codes, and the evolving needs of residents to produce exciting and sustainable projects.


  • Develop Park Master Plans that serve as a framework for phased implementation of projects addressing current and future recreational needs
  • Design and build capital improvement projects on time and on budget
  • Respect, honor and celebrate our historical assets through meticulous design
  • Implement sustainable design practices that are environmentally sensitive and that will stand the test of time
  • Push the envelope of creativity while respecting current maintenance and operational restrictions
  • Adhere to all codes and city requirements to ensure public health and safety
  • Follow city procurement processes and maintain ethics in design and construction
  • Ensure that projects are built to quality standards through a comprehensive inspection
  • Develop short and long term capital improvement programs that protect public health and safety, support city development projects, fulfill state or federal mandates, leverage other funding sources, promote private-public partnerships, implement Master Plans, align with agency priorities, and promote social equity


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