Capital FAQ

capital projects

Q. How can I contact this office? A. You can reach the Capital team at 410-396-7948.
Q. How can I request a capital project for consideration? A.  By completing this request form.  Upon completion please email it to us.
Q. How can I qualify to be a Baltimore City contractor? A. Click here to start your pre-qualification process with Baltimore City. 
Q. What does the Capital Development & Planning office oversee? A. We are tasked with the planning, design, and implementation of the Capital Improvement Program, system-wide.  Our team manages each phase of a project from conception to completion.  We engage directly with community members, stakeholders, agency partners, and elected officials to develop transformative improvements to our park and facility inventory.  Our division manages complex funding sources, building codes, and the evolving needs of residents to produce exciting and sustainable projects.