Charm City Games

CHarm City Games

"Connecting Communities through Competition"

Charm City Games are Baltimore City Recreation and Parks’ annual Olympic-style games! A variety of sports will be played from track and field, tennis, basketball, and soccer. These games will be held across Baltimore City from July 15-20, 2019.  By working with the Mayor's Office and City Council each district will form teams and compete for the coveted Charm City Cup. This event is completely free for all participants so let’s get out and play Baltimore! 


Charm City Games

Charm City Games 2019 has wrapped up!

Follow our #CharmCityGames team's scores below.

Charm City GamesCharm City GamesCharm City GamesCharm City Games


Charm City Games

Charm City Games Charm City Games

Charm City Games

Baltimore City is split into 14 districts each with an elected Councilmember. These Councilmembers will form teams to represent their district. Based on your place of residence within Baltimore City you can find your district and Councilmember below.

Locate your district on the City District Map:

 Charm City GamesCHarm City GamesCHarm City Games

For more information, please contact 410.396.7900.



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