Charm City Games


"Connecting Communities Through Competition"

Charm City Games is Baltimore City Recreation and Parks’ annual Olympic-style competition. For one week, young athletes ages 12-14 join volunteer coaches to compete for the coveted Charm City Cup. There’s no charge to participate. This event is open to all residents and sports include; tennis, track and field, basketball, and soccer. Charm City Games Returns this year. Stay tuned to our website for updates.

Charm City GamesLooking for additional ways to get involved? We have numerous volunteer opportunities to help us create the best gaming experience for our athletes. We depend on our community partners and sponsors to make this event a success. Don’t miss our two information sessions for athletes and volunteers starting June 8. Information sessions are available online or by phone.

charm city games

rep your district

Baltimore City is split into 14 districts. Teams and athletes across Baltimore will come together to represent their district and compete to take home the Charm City Cup!

Locate your district on the City District Map:

Charm City Games