Get Involved

Residents Can:

High School Group

  • Plant trees on your property
  • Work together with neighbors to plant trees in yards or on grassy lawns of places of worship, schools or businesses
  • Care for the trees around your property – they need water, mulch, and love
  • Care for the trees along the streets and other neighborhood places
  • Receive a free tree from the Department of Recreation and Parks
  • Pick up a FREE tree at one of TreeBaltimore’s giveaways in the fall or spring

Businesses and Institutions Can:

  • Plant trees on your property
  • Contact TreeBaltimore for a site visit and learn about discount trees
  • Plan a volunteer workday on your site or in a park
  • Help your community plant and care for its trees
  • Fund and maintain tree plantings in a park, right-of-way or other public space
  • Sponsor community service days to plant and maintain trees

Community Organizations Can:

Tree Planting

Note: The Street Tree Inventory Form is for neighborhood groups who would like to create a master list of all empty tree pits, pits with stumps, pits with dead trees, pits that should be enlarged to our new 4’ x 8’ minimum standard. They can also identify locations where new pits can be opened. Once the form is completed it should be returned to TreeBaltimore so that a Forestry inspector can visit the sites. After the visit, the neighbors and TreeBaltimore work on a tree plan for the community.

Foundations Can:

  • Support TreeBaltimore’s tree planting and maintenance efforts

Everyone Can:

  • Take the Recreation and Parks Tree Steward training class
  • Volunteer with Recreation and Parks or local greening groups
  • Receive a FREE tree from the Department of Recreation and Parks
  • Purchase a tree using a $10 coupon from the Growing Home Campaign or a $25 coupon from the Marylanders Plant Trees campaign.
  • Buy your tree at the Herring Run Tree Nursery.