Permit FAQ


Question: How much is it to secure a permit?

Answer: Check out our Park, Pavilion and Picnic Fee Sheet to see our price breakdown based on location. 


Question: Can I film in a park?

Answer: Yes, filming is allowed with the proper permits. Start your film permit application here.


Question: Why do I need a permit?

While park spaces are open to public use, reserving your park space or pavilion will secure this area for your sole use for your event. Your permit will also allow you to have additional features for your event in the park such as allowing you to secure moon bounces, grills, light beer and wine, etc. Those without a permit are not allowed to use grills, alcohol, etc.


Question: What amenities does each space have? How do I find them?

Answer: Check out Park Pavilion and Picnic Areas Breakdown 


Question: Is alcohol allowed at events?

Answer: Light beer and wine are permitted with private events in the parks. For all open to public events, a liquor board permit would be required prior to park permit approval.


Question: Can I have a DJ/Sound equipment?

Answer: For private events, amplified sound/DJ’s are not permitted. A small personal radio/bluetooth speaker is permitted.

For open to public events, DJ’s and amplified sound is permitted with the noise permit application and approval via the Health Department.


Question: Is electricity provided?

Answer: The Riverside Pavilion and Ben Cardin/Winan’s Meadow Pavilion are the only pavilions/park spaces that provide electricity.


Question: Are moon bounces allowed in the park?

Answer: Moon Bounces are permitted with proper liability insurance coverage of $1,000,000 provided prior to receiving the permit.


Question: How can I apply for a permit?

Answer: Please visit our Permit Page to determine the correct permit type that best suits your event. You can email your application to [email protected]; request a permit online or come visit one of our friendly staff during our office hours. The Permits Office is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-4. We are located at 3201 Boston St., Baltimore, MD 21224


Question: Are Balloons allowed at my event?

Answer: Balloons are not allowed in any of our parks.


Question: Can I have Pony rides or animals at my event? Is there an animal permit?

Answer: Pets are allowed with your permit as long as the permittee cleans up and care for their pet and is kept on a leash at all times.

Pony rides, petting zoos and other animal-type events are only allowed with open to public applications and additional permits through the Health Department.


Question: Where can I park at your offices?

Answer: Our offices are located at 3201 Boston Street near Canton Waterfront Park. We have an abundance of free parking on-site when you come to visit. 



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