Other Permits


COVID-19 UPDATE:  All Specialty Permits with the exception of weddings are now open. Our permit office is currently closed for walk-ins. Please call or email our office for any questions or concerns.

All park goers must adhere to the latest city-wide guidance. This means, wearing a mask whenever social distancing is not possible. The latest city-wide guidance also applies to all park and athletic permit holders. Whether you have a permit currently or are starting the process, please review the most recent required guidelines.

In addition to public and private events, certain park activities require permits to ensure public safety. Metal detecting, weddings, public demonstrations, vending, filming and more all require a completed and approved permit.

Complete, print and email the following application and the COVID-19 Waiver (English/Spanish) to the permit office at least 14 days prior to the date of the event. Please note, depending on the application some additional forms may be required.

If requesting a permit at Canton Waterfront, Patterson, Mt. Vernon or West Shore, the following addendums must be completed:

Click here to contact the BCRP Permit Office